International Congress on Natural Sciences and Engineering
The 5th International Congress on Natural Sciences and Engineering will be held in Kyoto, Japan from March 27-29, 2024. The theme of this conference is "Smart City and Green Life."
Today, more than half of the world's population lives in urban areas, and this number is expected to reach 68% by 2050. However, urbanization also brings challenges such as increased energy consumption, pollution, and traffic congestion. Smart city technology aims to address these challenges and improve the quality of life for urban residents by using data and technology to enhance sustainability and efficiency.
The concept of a "smart city" has emerged as a potential solution to address these challenges. A smart city can be defined as an urban area that integrates information and communication technologies (ICT) with the aim of improving the quality of life of its citizens, enhancing sustainability, and managing resources efficiently.
With the goal of achieving sustainable development, a smart city not only incorporates advanced technologies, but also integrates multiple fields, such as energy management, transportation, and urban planning, to promote a green and low-carbon lifestyle. This integration of various aspects of city management enables cities to create innovative solutions that support the implementation of a sustainable and green lifestyle.
This topic is of great importance, especially in the face of climate change and its impact on urban areas. The 5th International Congress on Natural Sciences and Engineering provides an opportunity for experts and scholars from various fields to share their insights and knowledge regarding the development and implementation of smart cities for green living.
The purpose of this congress is to explore the definition and characteristics of smart cities, the role of information technology in promoting green living, and the various aspects of city management that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, we will discuss the potential of smart cities to achieve a circular economy, as well as the importance of social participation in promoting green living.
Ultimately, this congress aims to contribute to the ongoing efforts towards sustainable development and the creation of smart cities that prioritize the well-being of citizens and the environment. We welcome submissions from professionals in industry, government, and academia to actively participate and present their papers.
For any further information, please contact us icnse@icnse.org
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